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LMS School Improvement Plan


Leonardtown Middle School Vision

Leonardtown Middle School will support the development of thoughtful individuals, create rigorous academic opportunities, and cultivate an inclusive and cooperative community.

Leonardtown Middle School Mission

The Leonardtown Middle School Faculty and Staff strive to provide for the intellectual, social and developmental needs of our students.  We are devoted to using the most effective instructional practices to develop the lifelong achievements of the students we teach.

The Leonardtown Middle School Staff believe in the following:

Rigor: Students and staff will be challenged to employ critical thinking and creativity to achieve success in life beyond their expectations. 

Relevance: Learning will be geared to real-world situations with global perspectives, allowing our students to apply their knowledge to solve problems throughout their lives using critical thinking, creativity, and confidence. 

Respect:  Students and staff will be actively engaged in valuing themselves and respecting diversity in others. 

Responsibility:  All members of our school are accountable in reaching their highest potential academically, professionally, and personally, while conducting their interactions with integrity and self-discipline throughout their lives. 

Relationships: All members of our school community will recognize the importance of their roles, and of others, as productive members of a global society.

Please review the 2022-2023 LMS School Improvement Plan for more information.